Excel Venture Management

Excel Venture Management builds companies that apply transformative life science technologies to solve problems in healthcare and beyond. The Excel investment portfolio is balanced across healthcare IT and services, diagnostics, medical devices, and life science platforms.

Current Funds

Activate Networks applies social network analytics to influence behavior of healthcare providers and patients to enhance wellness.

Status: Acquired by Decision Resources Group in 2015

Aileron Therapeutics is developing stapled peptides, an entirely new therapeutic modality that can target all human diseases.

Status: Public (ALRN)

Aventura has developed technology that dramatically increases the efficiency and effectiveness of doctors by offering context and location-aware computing.

Status: Acquired by Phillips in 2017

Ayogo is a mobile behavior change platform that helps patients with chronic conditions engage with their care plan.

Status: Private

Biocius Life Sciences provides the pharmaceutical industry with mass spectrometer related products to accelerate drug discovery and development.

Status: Acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2011

Biotrove provides micro and nano-scale technologies to serve research and diagnostics markets in healthcare and beyond.

Status: Acquired by Life Technologies (LIFE) in 2009


Catch is a leading provider of smartphone and productivity applications that capture, organize, and share information.

Status: Acquired

ClearDATA provides cloud computing infrastructure and managed services to healthcare provider and technology companies.

Status: Private

Cleveland HeartLab is a specialty clinical laboratory and disease management company focused on novel biomarker technologies and the creation of proprietary diagnostic tests.

Status: Acquired by Quest Diagnostics in 2017

Gemphire Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing gemcabene for the treatment of dyslipidemia.

Status: Public (GEMP)

IlluminOss is a medical device company dedicated to bringing to market minimally invasive solutions for the stabilization and treatment of bone fractures.

Status: Private

InfoBionic is a IT-enabled remote monitoring system that has developed a platform for the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias

Status: Private

Lantos Technologies is working to commercialize 3D digital scanner capable of measuring ear canal shape and tisue compliance.

Status: Private

MedVentive works with leader provider and payer organizations to develop and deploy innovative approaches to successfully reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes.

Status: Acquired by McKesson (MCK) in 2013

Molecular Templates has developed a powerful biologics platform technology known as Engineered Toxin Bodies (ETBs) for the treatment of a variety of diseases

Status: Public (MTEM)

NanoMR has developed the first system for rapid detection of rare cells from complex matrices that can target multiple cell types simultaneously.

Status: Acquired by DNA Electronics in 2015.

Neosensory is a neuroscience-based company that expands perception. Neosensory's wearable device takes in information (for example, sound, light, or data streams from the net) and translates it into patterns of vibrations on the skin. With practice, associations become automatic and a new sense is born.

Status: Private

N-of-One is a personalized health IT and diagnostic interpretation company that provides oncologists with clinically actionable interpretation of genetics mutations that exist in a patient’s tumor

Status: Acquired by Qiagen in 2019.

Oculus Health is a technology-enabled services company that partners with physicians to provide care management services

Status: Private

Openwater is developing a new generation of imaging technologies, with high resolution and low costs, enabling medical diagnoses and treatments, and a new era of fluid and affordable brain-to-computer communications

Status: Private

Orionis Biosciences is a pre-clinical stage therapeutics company reprogramming biology with breakthrough precision to cure disease. Its initial product pipeline is focused on immuno-oncology.

Status: Private

Qstream is a software as a service (SaaS) sales enablement and analytics company that has developed a mobile, social sales training tool for some of the world’s largest companies

Status: Private

Saladax is a diagnostics platform company providing personalized cancer drug monitoring to improve outcomes for cancer patients on chemotherapy

Status: Private

ShapeUP uses the power of social networks, behavioral change science, and engaging technology to enhance the lives of employees around the world.

Status: Acquired by Virgin Pulse in 2016

Synthetic Genomics is a synthetic biology company that uses its propriety technology to design and build biological systems solving global sustainability challenges

Status: Private

Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company using its proprietary chemistry technology to create novel antibiotics

Status: Public (TTPH)

Virgin Pulse, a leading provider of employee-centric solutions that drive wellbeing, culture and productivity across organizations around the world

Status: Private;

Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, 2018

WellDoc is developing next generation technology solutions to support chronic disease management, specifically in diabetes

Status: Private

Zipongo is a mobile phone-enabled wellness system providing a way for employers to empower employees to make smart decisions about the food they eat at work and at home

Status: Private

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